1. I entered Disney’s Frozen Norway Getaway for a chance to win a Frozen inspired trip for 4 to Norway!

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  2. socialitelife:

    This is how we’re feeling about all the sexy, shirtless men over on Socialite Life right now!

    THE JOY!!!

  3. homotastical:

    #zacefron is bulging in his sweatpants and is that #davefranco checking out the Zefron’s assets?

    You guys! Look!

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  4. tehjeff:

    Reddit - Facebook.


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  5. surisburnbook:

    So I have some news.

    While the Afflecks have been doting over Baby Samuel (and surely showering even less frequently than usual) and the Smiths have been spending loads of money attempting to bribe Lady Gaga into mentoring Willow, I’ve been doing something much more productive in my free time.

    If you think I’m not going to be the first person in line to buy this book, you are crazy. 

  6. criterioncollection:

    Unbelievable! Akira Kurosawa visits the set of KINDERGARTEN COP:

    This is the greatest thing I have ever seen in all my years of seeing things. 

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  7. Love so much.


    Throw a scarf on Kingston Rossdale and you’ve got yourself a pretty convincing Fourth Doctor. Be still my heart.

    (Yes, I made a Doctor Who reference. It’s timeless and British, like a Burberry trench coat or taxation without representation.)


  9. "Yo dog, I heard you like Doctor Who, so we put the Doctor inside the Doctor so he can time-travel while he time-travels."


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  10. My life.


    So Liam and I started watching Doctor Who…